Local Bodies District Govt Bhakkar 2022

The Punjab Local Government Act 2019 enforced in Punjab. In this page you will find information about Punjab local government of district Bhakkar. We have gather all kind of useful information and facts about local govt of district Bhakkar. Punjab government introduce new local bodies system in province of Punjab. According to the new Punjab Local Government Act 2019. Bhakkar local government shall have the authority to run the affairs of respective local area without improper interference. In new local govt act the district is divided into rural areas and urban areas. There is no district council or district level local body nazim office. In urban area there is Neighbourhood council, Metropolitan corporation, Municipal corporation, Municipal committee and Town committee. In rural areas of village council and Thesil council. According to The Punjab Local Government Act 2019 there are 4 Municipal committees, 4 Town Committees and 4 Thesil councils in Bhakkar district.

Local Governments in Bhakkar 2022

Municipal Committee Bhakkar
Municipal Committee Kallurkot
Municipal Committee Darya Khan
Municipal Committee Mankera
Town Committee Kotla Jam
Town Committee Dullewala
Town Committee Jadanwala
Town Committee Hyderabad
Tehsil Council Bhakkar
Tehsil Council Darya Khan
Tehsil Council Kallurkot
Tehsil Council Mankera

District Government Bhakkar 2019 Information

Punjab Local Government Act 2019 election is not held yet so administrators are working as a head of district government of Bhakkar. After local bodies election 2022 a Lord Mayor of a Metropolitan Corporation, a Mayor of a Municipal Corporation, Municipal Committee or a Town Committee and a Chairperson of Tehsil Council will be the head of urban government . Local government of district Bhakkar are Municipal Committee Bhakkar, Municipal Committee Kallurkot, Municipal Committee Darya Khan, Municipal Committee Mankera, Town Committee Kotla Jam, Town Committee Dullewala, Town Committee Nawan Jandanwala, Town Committee Hyderabad, Tehsil Council Bhakkar, Tehsil Council Darya Khan, Tehsil Council Kallurkot and Tehsil Council Mankera.