Information about Former Rulers of Pakistan

Information about all Rulers of Pakistan. Governor General, President, Prime Minister, Chief Executive and Chief Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan from 1947 to now. Names are of the all people who rules Pakistan. Pakistan is democratic country. But in Pakistan different type of civilian and military governments rules. In these government rulers were Governor Generals, Presidents, Prime Minister, Chief Martial Lam Administrator and Chief Executive.

Former Rulers of Pakistan

Governor Generals of Pakistan

Presidents of Pakistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan

Caretaker Prime Ministers of Pakistan

Chief Martial Lam Administrator of Pakistan

Chief Executive of Pakistan

Former Heads of Pakistan

This page contains lists of heads of state and heads of government of Pakistan. List of former Governor Generals of Pakistan, former Presidents of Pakistan, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, former Caretaker Prime Ministers of Pakistan, former Chief Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan and former Chief Executive of Pakistan.