Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif

Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif is the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is elected Prime minister of Pakistan. He assumed office from 11th April 2022. He is president of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz PML-N. He served as a Leader of the Opposition of Pakistan in national assembly of Pakistan from 20 August 2018 to 10 April 2022. He had been served as chief minister of Punjab from 20 February 1997 to 12 October 1999, and for second term from 8 June 2008 to 26 March 2013 and Third term from 8 June 2013 to 8 June 2018. In general election 2018 he was elected member of national assembly from NA-132(Lahore-X).

Shahbaz Sharif Prime Minister Pakistan

Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif

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On 11 April 2022, he was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He received 176 votes against his opponent Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Hussain Qureshi who secured 96 votes. He was sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on 11 April 2022, which was administered by Doctor Arif Alivi president of Pakistan. Mian Shahbaz Sharif was born on September 23, 1951 Lahore. He received Bachelor of Arts degree from the Government College University Lahore. After graduation, he joined his family owned business and got elected president of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 1985.

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