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Information About Provincial Assembly of Sindh
Chief Minister

Sindh Assembly

Sindh Provincial Assembly is the elected assembly of Sindh. The Assembly was established under Article 106 of the Constitution of Pakistan. It is located in Karachi .
There are three main functions performed by the Assembly viz a viz, legislation, management of public money and policy making.
After the first meeting of the Assembly, the members take an oath. The Assembly elects, from amongst its members, a Speaker and a Deputy Speaker.
After the election of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, the Assembly cannot transact any other business unless it elects the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister is elected in a special session, summoned by the Governor on a day specified by the President. The Chief Minister obtains vote of confidence from the Assembly within 60 days of assuming office.

There are a total of 167 seats in the Sindh Assembly. Of these, 130 are filled by direct elections. In addition, the reserves 8 seats for religious minorities and 29 seats for women,

 General  Woman Minority Total
130 29 08 167


Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani
Deputy Speaker Rehana Leghari


Leader of Opposition

Firdous Shamim Naqvi