Balochistan Pakistan Latest Information

This page is all about Balochistan Province of Pakistan. In this page you will find information about Balochistan , its people cities and culture .We have gather all kind of useful information and facts about Balochistan. Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan by area but lease populated. Balochistan province is with Punjab and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the northeast, Sindh to the east and southeast, the Arabian Sea to the south, Iran to the west and Afghanistan to the north and northwest.

Facts About Soba Balochistan of Pakistan

Capital Quetta
Area 347,190
Population 12,344,408
Density 26 Sq. Km
Literacy Rate 48.7%
Division 8
Districts 34
Langugaes Balochi , Brahvi , Pashto , Saraiki

Information About Balochistan Province

The name "Balochistan" means the land of the Baloch . Balochistan is noted for its unique culture and extremely dry desert climate.  It is Pakistan's largest province by area, constituting 44% of Pakistan's total land mass. Balochistan possesses great unexplored potential of metallic and non-metallic minerals. Presently, the minerals being exploited are Coal , Chromite , Barytes , Sulphur , Marble , Iron and limestone.